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Quick, Simple Treatments

Optimized for veterinary applications, Glowbie treatments only take 15-20 minutes through advanced LED technology that delivers concentrated red and near infrared (NIR) light wavelengths.

Glowbie Review Older Dog

“I got a Glowbie because I use red light therapy for myself. I’ve been amazed by how much it’s helped my German Shepherd with his joint and hip issues. My big boy absolutely loves the red light!”

Backed by Science

Red light therapy is a clinically-proven health and wellness aid for pets. Hundreds of peer-reviewed studies have demonstrated significant benefits like pain relief, faster healing, and better mobility. That’s why red light therapy is trusted by veterinarians across the world.

Glowbie Review Older Dogs

“Using Glowbie has been a game-changer for my older dogs. After the first few weeks, I noticed that Chase and Sasha were doing better on their walks. Glowbie has really helped them age gracefully and limit their arthritis pain.”

Designed for Your Home

Your pet’s crate doesn’t have to be an eyesore! Built in the U.S.A. with high-performance HDPE, Glowbie's sleek design is perfect for your dog or cat. It fits seamlessly in most rooms and is ideal for the look of any home.

Glowbie Review Surgery Recovery

“I got the Glowbie to help my dog recover from surgery, but now I use it as her primary crate because it looks so much better in the kitchen than our old wire cage.”

Watch Glowbie Shine:



Healthy, Healing Light

Cats and dogs love red light! Most pets are drawn to the glow of their Glowbie, which makes treatment sessions easy and fun for both you and them. Toggle the Glowbie on and off to see what your pet experiences.

Pets Love Their Glowbie. So do Their People!

Here’s what real Glowbie users have to say about their experience.

"Best thing I’ve found for my dog’s arthritis."

I use Glowbie with my 14-year old Golden Retriever a few times a week. It’s made a huge difference in her energy levels and ability to walk upstairs and jump onto our bed.

Mark S.

"A big hit with my cats."

My two cats are more playful after a Glowbie red light treatment. I bring out their favorite toy right after and I can see the difference in their energy and stamina. Fun to see them active again!

Ramona M.

"My Frenchie loves the light."

Before Glowbie, I didn’t know much about red light therapy. But I’ve been amazed by how much it’s helped my Frenchie with his back issues. When I turn on the Glowbie, he gets really excited and runs right in!

Daniel T.

"Looks great in our living room."

We use Glowbie with our dogs a few times every week. I love the sleek white design. It looks great in our living room and our little guys actually get excited when we turn on the red light.

Chris D.

Our Mission: Healthier, Happier Pets